Creepy old man, supported by the department, ruins my life

I’m a non-binary person, but a combination of the gender I’ve been assigned at birth and my gender presentation, most of the people assume that I’m a woman. My PhD supervisor sexually harassed me for two years, and none of the faculty (all men) took me seriously or helped me. Fortunately, I had a breakdown at one of the conferences, where an academic from another university (a woman) took me seriously and helped me get a new supervisor. One would hope here’s where the things end, but NO. My department punished ME for it. My former supervisor spread all sorts of lies about me – that I’m a lesbian (I’m bi), that I ‘hurt his feelings’ and that I wrote “you’re stupid” on a student’s work. He was believed, my teaching got taken away, and many of the faculty hate me. I’ve put in a complaint with the university, suggesting that my department have Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment policy and make sure this never happens to anyone again. Waste of my time – the reply was that the department has the policy anyway, and that my supervisor ‘didn’t mean’ to harass me. It sucks to the moon and back. I am suffering with depression and anxiety and will quit academia as soon as I can.

Story signed by : kk

The story happened to me as a PhD student in the year 2014 and took place around an academic institution not in Belgium

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