Teenage Angst

My 17 year old daughter is studying Archaelogy, Environmental science, Geology and history at A level and will apply soon to University. She is beautiful but very humble. She is also clearly spoken and minds her punctuation largely because of me nagging over the years. She is repeatedly beeped at by young male students driving past her as she walks to college. They think its a compliment its made her so embarrassed she gets very nervous each morning and if I can or her dad we will drive her there. She knows she will have to just grin and bear it but is that right? Today someone said she was posh and probably snobby as she had never had a boyfriend she must think she is better than everyone else! Luckily she is just about self confident enough to get on with life but she is nervous about university as she has heard the news lately about how sexist they are. When I posted something on facebook about people beeping their horns was making my daughter nervous. They said she should be happy when she is older she wont get the attention anymore. Do they not get it? She hasn’t asked for it and she doesn’t want it. She was lucky enough to born with looks that other people admire but she is just trying to study hard and make her way.

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The story happened to a friend of mine in the year 2014 around an academic institution in ‘Not in Belgium’

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