Stop Asking Questions We Can’t Answer Honestly

I’ve had enough of being asked questions I either can’t answer honestly or don’t feel comfortable even being asked. Yes I realize I can answer honestly but not without it affecting the power dynamics that are already suffocating or without being defined as a ‘difficult person’.

Why do so many of my colleagues, basking in white male priviledge, think its acceptable to make sexist or racist jokes with me – as if they were so beyond reproach (which they are certainly not). After such terrible inappropriate jokes and moments they ask: “that was ok right? – you know I was just kidding”. What am I suppose to say? These jokes are often very disrespectful and make me terribly uncomfortable but since you are my superior I can’t really say anything without repercussions.

Why do you always ask me – in public which makes it harder to say no – to take notes at a meeting or to get coffee or to organize the next social events? I don’t want to do these things and yet I always do, has nobody noticed this odd pattern? Why doesn’t anyone else speak up for me. As the minority – most junior, female and foreign … I need someone else to challenge this pattern.

The worst though is when I am approached with the following “everyone else agrees with X, hopefully you don’t have a problem with it.” Why even bother ask if you frame something this way especially since you know I have children and X is not compatible with children.

Story signed by: Forced to Fib

The story happened to me in the year(s) 2012-2014 at an academic institution in Flanders

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