Sexism and Ageism

My/my friends story :
While looking for the perfect ‘thing’ to study I went and talked to a lot of people. I’m really career driven and was already thinking about doing my PhD. My life plan was looking good. Studying for 5 years, messing up one year. So make it 6. Getting good grades. Doing a Phd.
While I was telling this to a prof I got to know during “open class days” he said:

“I would not go for it, because you will be pretty old once you’re done, 27 or older, and you would have passed the most fertile part of your life. Once you find a job you would be 30 if you start having kids that’s really old. It might be even hard to find a spouse” He wasn’t joking at all!

That answer was so wrong of so many reasons. He was like 65 or something (I don’t really know but old) But than again, 21st century?
It’s fine for a male to study till his late 20’s but I shouldn’t be doing it.

Story signed by: FleurDeLaCompot
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The story happened in the year 2011 at an academic institution in Flanders

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