You don’t have to go to bed with him !

Shortly after I started working as a PhD student, I became entangled in a conflict with my male supervisor about how the research should be carried out. After a long and painful struggle, arbitration settled the conflict to my advantage.

In the run-up to the arbitration I had several meetings with the faculty dean. In one of these meetings he looked at me, and sighed: “What’s the problem? You only have to work with him. You don’t have to go to bed with him”. Absolutely gobsmacked, I was. To my surprise the professor and senior lecturer, both women, who attended the meeting remained silent. I had too much on my plate already, to pursue the dean’s remark.

Until now, I still don’t understand why my two senior colleagues preferred to keep quiet.

Story signed by: J. van der Pol

The story happened to me as a PhD at an academic institution in Flanders

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