Creepy old man, supported by the department, ruins my life

I’m a non-binary person, but a combination of the gender I’ve been assigned at birth and my gender presentation, most of the people assume that I’m a woman. My PhD supervisor sexually harassed me for two years, and none of the faculty (all men) took me seriously or helped me. Fortunately, I had a breakdown at one of the conferences, where an academic from another university (a woman) took me seriously and helped me get a new supervisor. One would hope here’s where the things end, but NO. My department punished ME for it. My former supervisor spread all sorts of lies about me – that I’m a lesbian (I’m bi), that I ‘hurt his feelings’ and that I wrote “you’re stupid” on a student’s work. He was believed, my teaching got taken away, and many of the faculty hate me. I’ve put in a complaint with the university, suggesting that my department have Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment policy and make sure this never happens to anyone again. Waste of my time – the reply was that the department has the policy anyway, and that my supervisor ‘didn’t mean’ to harass me. It sucks to the moon and back. I am suffering with depression and anxiety and will quit academia as soon as I can.

Story signed by : kk

The story happened to me as a PhD student in the year 2014 and took place around an academic institution not in Belgium

Sometimes its just too much …

I work in a faculty with majority female academics but majority male professors. The usual story. In a research day there were anonymous questions. The first three. Why no women professors? Promotion for women and BME? What about opportunities? The answer by a professor: Inequality for women in academia is an old problem now, it has been resolved. When it came to being considered for promotion a female staff member was told (by a male professor) not yet, be patient, you don’t have enough teaching, enough research, enough grant money but remember no woman over 50 has a future career (the irony is that his research is about prejudice, inequalities, social justice). Even if we’ve had one victory (female professor) … the reality is grim. Women do most of the teaching, women are getting sick from overwork, women get unequal workplan time. Old problems continue and women academics get shit treatment from some men in universities. Sometimes its just too much.